Downers Grove OBGYN: FAQ

What Should I Bring to My First Visit?

You should bring your ID and insurance to your first visit.  You will also need to sign our privacy practices form.  The privacy practices policy can be found in the waiting room of the office for your perusal.  If your insurance requires co-pays, bring your payment.  If you have seen another doctor, please make arrangements to have the records sent to our office.  You can also fill out a medical request form at our office, but you must have the fax number where the request will be sent.  We cannot request medical records on your behalf without a fax number.  In summary, you should plan to bring your:

Does My Insurance Have a Co-Pay?

You must check with your insurance to see if you have a copay.  If you are coming in for an annual gynecological exam, you may not have a co-pay.  For all other visits, a copay may be required—please check your insurance.

Which Insurances are Accepted?

We accept most insurances.  Please check with your insurance to see if we are in network.

Do You Accept Medicaid?

Yes, we accept Medicaid and the following Medicaid HMOs:

Please note, that while we accept these HMOs, the Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital may not. We encourage you to select an HMO that is also accepted by the hospital.

What Happens if I am Not Eligible on the Date of Service?

If you are not eligible with your insurance company on the date of service, you are responsible for all charges.  You will have a short window of time to rectify any problems with your insurance and then notify us that the changes are made.  We cannot be responsible for following up with you. If you do not take care of the problem, you will be responsible for all charges.

How Do I Get My Medical Records?

If you fill out a medical request form, we can fax your records free of charge.  If you want a printed version of your records, you can pick them up at the office after paying the $35 fee.  We do not mail records.  We cannot fax your medical records without signed permission from you on file at our office.

How Do I Get My Prescription Refilled?

Please allow us seven days to refill any prescriptions.  Prescriptions may not be filled on weekends. Prescriptions for narcotics will require an appointment; please plan ahead, and schedule a visit before you know you will need more medication.

How Do I Contact the Doctor for an Emergency?

If you need to reach Dr. Barton for an emergency after office hours, the answering service will page the doctor.  Please only page the doctor after hours for emergencies. If you are in labor, please have the answering service page the doctor and go to labor and delivery at Good Samaritan Hospital.  Do not call an ambulance if you are in labor.  However, if it is a life threatening emergency that needs immediate attention, call 911.  Requests for prescriptions are not considered emergencies.

How Do I Get My Test Results?

You can check the portal for test results.  Simply make an account and when the results are available, they will be posted.  You can also call the office for test results.  In most cases, we will not call with normal test results.  Prenatal patients can get test results at their next prenatal visit.

What is the Portal For?

The portal is a great way for you to keep up with your medical records.  Test results will be posted on the portal with summaries of your visits.

Can I Set-up a Payment Plan?

Yes, you can set up a payment plan. Please call the office for details.

Why Did I Get a Bill When I Have Insurance?

There are many reasons why you may receive a bill.  If you have a deductible, co-insurance or have an uncovered service, you may receive a bill for the portion that is your responsibility.  If you are ineligible on the date of service, you may receive a bill for the service.  Please check with your insurance to understand your deductible, co-insurance and covered services.  If you are ineligible on the date of service, you are responsible for charges.

What Should I Know About Lab Work?

Bills for lab work are separate from our office. Questions about lab bills should be directed to the lab.  Some labs require an appointment, call the lab to set up an appointment.

When Will I Get My Lab Results?

Some labs take a couple days and some take a few weeks.  We will post the labs to the portal as soon as possible.  If you have not created a portal account, we will let you know of normal lab results via our automated phone message system. You can also call the office for results.

What is My Risk Testing?

My Risk testing is a genetic test that gauges your genetic predisposition to certain cancers, including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, melanoma, prostate cancer and endometrial cancer .  If you are interested in obtaining this screening, please call our office for an appointment.

For What Reasons Can I Page the Doctor?

When the office is closed, please do not page the Doctor for:

If you need help with any of the above, please call during regular business hours.

You can page our Downers Grove OB/GYN if: