Downers Grove OBGYN

Prenatal care is incredibly important for both the mother and baby.  Make sure to make and keep regular prenatal appointments. How Often Will I Have Doctor’s Appointments? At the beginning of your pregnancy, as long as there are no complications, you will visit the doctor every four weeks.  Once you reach 30 weeks, you will […]

Downers Grove OBGYN

If you are done having children, sterilization is a permanent way to prevent pregnancy. The doctor can perform a tubal ligation as an outpatient procedure. Many women that are done having children choose to be sterilized. If you think sterilization is an option for you, talk to the doctor about it at your next visit. […]

Downers Grove Post Partum

Many women experience depression after the delivery of their baby.  Though this is often considered a happy time, many women are surprised by their less than happy feelings.  This is common and nothing to be ashamed of.  If you are feeling depressed after the delivery of your baby, it is important to discuss your symptoms […]

Downers Grove IUD

IUD stands for intrauterine device. This is a type of birth control that can be inserted in the uterus and provide protection for several years.  There are many types of IUD devices available. Types of IUDs There are several types of IUDs available.  They work for different time periods and have different amounts of hormones. […]